Care and Enjoyment

Red wines, especially those in our Icon and Nines Collections,
can be cellared for 10 years and above.
Careful cellaring is recommended to ensure the optimal potential of our wines is reached.

Cellaring & Serving Considerations

Bottle Position 
Store wines on their side, allowing the cork to remain moistened.

Constant temperature between 12 and 16 °C is preferred.

Ensure controlled humidity at 50 - 80%.

Avoid direct sunlight during cellaring.

Ideal Serving Temperature
White wines 12 - 14 °C.
Sauvignon Blanc  12 °C.
Chardonnay 14 °C to allow flavours to open up fully. 
Red wines served at 16 - 19 °C.

Consider your ambient temperature when serving wines.

Younger wines Decant for one to three hours prior to drinking,
depending on the style of the wine.
Older vintages Decant ten minutes prior to drinking.
We recommend Riedel Decanters for optimal serving.

Recommended Glassware & Decanters

White Wines
The Mira Sauvignon Blanc & Sing-a-Wing Sauvignon Blanc
Riedel Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc Glass

The Mira Chardonnay & Uva Mira Chardonnay
Gabriel-Glas Gold Edition & Riedel Cornetto Decanter

The Single Tree Chardonnay
Zalto Burgundy Glass & Riedel Cornetto Decanter

Red Wines
The Mira Merlot & The Mira Cabernet Sauvignon 
Gabriel-Glas Gold Edition & Riedel Cabernet Decanter​

The Mira Shiraz & D.W. Syrah 
Gabriel-Glas Gold Edition & Riedel Cornetto Decanter

The Dance Cabernet Franc & O.T.V. 
Zalto Bordeaux & Riedel Vinum Extreme Decanter​